About Us

Sculpture Casting Services is the largest fine art foundry in Africa, with branches currently located in Somerset West, Strand, Waterfront and Lidgetton Road (Natal Midlands). We are a highly specialised foundry, casting from the smallest to the largest sculptures ever cast in Africa. No sculpture is too small or too large for us to cast.

Our History

Sculpture Casting Services is a family business that was founded in the 90’s by Robert Knight, who was later joined by his two brothers Warren Knight and Bruce Knight. The Foundry has grown from small beginnings to one of the largest fine-art foundry’s in Africa, with four branches that currently have a combined staff of over 100.

Our Vision

To create a sustainable industry that: Recognizes and rewards the skills of our employees, our greatest asset. Produces a high quality end product at the best possible price in the shortest time. Conserves our environment by reducing our carbon footprint through the use of innovative technology.

Our Terms and Conditions

Upon acceptance of the Quotation, an agreement is entered between Sculpture Casting Services (Pty) Ltd. (“SCS”) and the Client as reflected on the Quotation (”Client”).  The Agreement is based on the individual Quotation and these Terms and Conditions:

1. Quotations
The price quoted is only for the work agreed upon and as reflected on the Quotation. The Quotation does not      include  anything that is unspecified, such as Engineer’s fees, and/or any other unspecified items that are not in  writing or  that are added to the Order during production. Should the Client wish to make changes to the agreed  upon work,  additional charges will be negotiated and must be accepted by the Client before additional work can be  carried out.
Quotations are only valid for acceptance for 30 days from the date of Quotation. Orders will only be logged for    production on receipt of written acceptance or an email of confirmation to sales@sculpturecasting.co.za.

2. Payment
Once the Quotation has been accepted, SCS will invoice the Client 50% of the Quotation total as a deposit, which is required prior to production.  Production will commence once payment of said Invoice reflects in SCS’s Bank Account.
Upon completion of the work, SCS will Invoice the Client for the balance of the Quotation. The sculpture may only be collected/delivered once payment of the outstanding amount has been received in full by SCS.
Invoices issued by SCS must be paid on presentation.

Depending on the size of the project, SCS may establish a Payment Schedule for interim work, as agreed upon by SCS Management and the Client, in writing. Should the Client fail to pay an Interim Invoice within 2 days of presentation, work shall be suspended until payment is received.
Should the Client fail to pay the final Invoice within 60 days of presentation, SCS shall be entitled to sell or scrap the work of that Client to defray outstanding expenses.
The amount to be paid in terms of this Agreement, does not include Sales Taxes (other than VAT, if so specified), excise, gross receipts and withholding taxes, universal service fund fee and any similar tax or any Government imposed fee or surcharge (collectively, “taxes”). The Client shall pay or reimburse SCS for all such taxes (excluding tax on SCS’s  income), which will be invoiced to the Client in accordance with the law where the Client is domiciled. In respect of withholding tax, the Client will pay such additional amounts as may be necessary, such that SCS receives the amount it would have received, had no withholding been imposed.

3. Completion Date
The estimated date of completion is strictly an estimate and in no way forms a guarantee.

4. Delivery and Installation of Sculptures
Quotation prices do not include delivery, courier or installation costs, unless specifically stated on the Quotation. Delivery time will be specified on Quotation and in accordance with the compliance to the Terms and Conditions.

5. Client and Sculpture Information
The Client agrees that SCS may collect and store their contact information, including but not limited to; physical address, postal address, email address, telephone numbers and cell phone numbers, collected and stored in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act no 4 of 2013.
The Client agrees to SCS photographing his/her/it’s sculptures. Such photographs will be stored on the secure SCS Network for future reference and may be uploaded to the SCS Website Gallery.

6. Copyrite
The Client is solely legally responsible for ensuring that his/her/it’s sculpture does not infringe any copyright and indemnifies SCS from any claim whatsoever.
SCS guarantees that no sculpture or section thereof will be replicated without the written permission of the owner.

7. Storage of Moulds and Sculptures
Unless moulds are in the process of being cast, Clients agree not to leave their moulds at the premises of SCS. The Client agrees to arrange collection or delivery of his/her/it’s sculpture within 30 (thirty) calendar days of the completion of the sculpture. Please note: If moulds are not collected, SCS cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to the mould.

8. Limitation of Liability
Once the Client has taken possession of the Sculpture, SCS cannot be deemed responsible for any defect that may occur.
Neither party will be liable to the other for special, indirect or consequential damages incurred or suffered by the other arising as a result of, or related to, the work under this Agreement, even if the other party has been advised of the possibility of such probable loss or damage.
The Client indemnifies and holds harmless, SCS for any loss or damage that may occur to his/her/it’s mould or sculpture whilst being stored at SCS premises.

9. Resolution of Disputes
These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Laws of the Republic of South Africa (“RSA”) and the Agreement between SCS and the Client is subject to the jurisdiction of the relevant courts of the RSA.

10. Cancelation Policy
SCS Foundry requires a R50% deposit to confirm the production of sculptures. A cancellation fee will be imposed in the event of a cancellation before the completion date of sculptures that were ordered. This fee will depend on the length of notice of cancellation after production has started and the reasonable explanation for cancellation.

No refunds will be made on deposits in the event of cancellation for sculptures already produced.

11. Delivery
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Sculpture Casting Service‘s obligation to deliver sculptures on time shall in all cases be subject to the following:
(a) Whilst delivery times are given in good faith and SCS will use every endeavour to comply therewith, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage incurred by the Client on account of any delay in delivery arising out of any circumstances beyond SCS’s control, which circumstances will include, but in no way be limited to:
– any delay in the supply of sculpturing material by suppliers which cannot be directly or indirectly attributed to them;
– the client changing their specification within the specified days of the date on which the delivery/installation of sculptures should have initiated. In the event of the client changing their specifications, SCS reserves the right to requote;
– any delay due to freight services;
– if the balance of the contract price payable on date of reservation is not payable on the date of anticipated reservation.
Sculpture Casting Services (Pty) Ltd. will communicate any unavoidable delay in the delivery.

12. Warranty
Sculpture Casting Services (Pty) Ltd warrants its Clients that sculptures which have been supplied and installed by the Business shall be free from defects and subject to the following:
• The warranty is effective for a period of 6 (six) months. The date is determined from date of delivery and the Client will be entitled to either request a refund; replacement or repair of sculptures if sculptures being provided and installed are proved to be of a substandard quality within the given period;
• The warranty shall immediately be rendered null and void in the event of any of the following:

  1.  Any alterations or modifications or additions made to sculptures supplied, without the prior consent of Sculpture Casting Services (Pty) Ltd. ;
  2. Failure to use sculptures supplied in accordance with the instructions and specifications of Sculpture Casting Services (Pty) Ltd.;
  3. Damage due to the general mistreatment and abuse of sculptures supplied/installed;
  4. Any damage caused by fire, flood, civil disturbance or act of God;
  5. The Sculpture have not been inspected by a technical expert in order to evaluate/determine the reason for the defects of the sculpture, before the Client requested its replacement, repair or refund.

13. Payment Terms
Sculpture Casting Services (Pty) Ltd. reserves the right to suspend delivery of any orders should payment for such       orders not be made on time.
Where payment is outstanding for a period exceeding 30 days from date of statement, Sculpture Casting Services      (Pty) Ltd. will charge interest at a rate not exceeding 2% per month or as per the maximum rate determined by the      National Credit Act from time to time on overdue payments.
All accounts older than 30 days will be handed over for collection and the Client will be liable to pay all legal fees         with regard to the collection of such outstanding amounts on a fee scale as determined by the court of law/tribunal     where the collection matter will be adjudicated.
The Client hereby agrees to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate Court of Cape Town, in the event that any                        outstanding amount is handed over for collection, although such Magistrate Court may normally not have    jurisdiction in the matter.

14. Indemnity
The Client, on signature of the Agreement, acknowledge the risk involved in the production of sculptures by Sculpture Casting Services (Pty) Ltd. and hereby indemnify the supplier against claims for harm/damage caused to them/their property; due to reasons beyond the reasonable control or unintentional act of any person, whether or not in the employ of SCS. This will include loss or damage caused as a result of fire or theft, or any economical loss pertaining to any harm/damage caused.