Here you will find a detailed list of services we offer

  • Fine-Art Casting

    We provide a full-service facility for all artists looking for quality workmanship. Whether you are a new artist just entering the market or is a fully established artist looking for the foundry that provides a full range of services, i.e. a one-stop shop that delivers what it promises, we will not disappoint.

    We have expertise and experience in both small and large projects, having cast up to the largest bronzes ever cast in Africa. (9m Nelson Mandela, Union Buildings Pretoria)

    We cast in Nickel Bronze (CUNi) and Silicon Bronze (CUSi) as well as Aluminium. In addition to the lost-wax / ceramic cast bronze process, we do cold cast resin bronze.

    Our Casting process:

    2. Photography and Sculpture Specs
    3. Molding
    4. Waxing Painting
    5. Ceramic Dipping
    6. Bronze Casting
    7. Welding and Fettling
    8. Patina
    9. Presentation Finishing
    10. Export, Courier and Installation

    Additional Services:

    1. 3D Scanning of Sculptures
    2. Scaling and Mirror Imaging
    3. Enlarging in Urethane Foam or Polystyrene, with 3 Axis C&C or 7 Axis Robotic Technology.
    4. Down scaling and Plastic printing.

  • Scaling for Enlargements and Mirror Imaging

    Our foundry is capable of reproducing any sculpture in a reduced or enlarged size with accurate proportion detail using the latest in 3D Scanning technologies.

    This is a fast and cost-effective enlargement process. This process can be used for scaling artwork to any size imaginable.

    The original artwork is scanned using a hand held 3D scanner and checked for accuracy. Our team of gurus clean the 3D model’s digital file to prepare it for cutting. The 3D model is then cut on a state of the art 3 Axis CNC or 7 Axis Robot Arm or even sent for 3D printing for small scale objects. The foam cut models are then resurfaced by the artists who use their preferred method of resurfacing.

    The sculpture is then ready for the molding and casting process. This system can save the artist many weeks of work by creating an exact scaled copy of their artwork with perfect proportion. Mirror imaging of artwork is as simple as a few click of an icon.

  • Art Supplies

    We stock art supplies for the entire Sculpting and Casting process.


    Trewax (Clear / Black)
    Bees wax
    Micro Wax
    Paraffin Wax
    Injection molding wax (Green)
    Patina Chemicals (Sculpt Nouveau)
    Ferric Nitrate
    Cupric Nitrate
    Silver Nitrate
    Potassium Poly-Sulfide (Liver)
    Bongo Putty (SCS Specially formulated ball clay)
    Bronze Ingots (CuSi or CuNi)

  • Armature Building

    Having a strong, reliable Armature is important. We design and engineer skeletal armatures for Original artworks from the smallest size to monumental.